Supreme wax compound

Supreme wax compound is suitable for use and application in One time carbon paper   as well as quality Carbon paper.

Supreme grade Wax Compound will completely replace other waxes like Paraffin wax, slack wax, other petroleum waxes to a great extent and will help in achieving superior Quality results .It will act as one pack Wax requirement for Carbon paper Manufacturing.
Supreme Wax compund  

Test Method
Melting Point
ASTM D 127-63
Flash Point
280 ± 10
IS 1448 P-21
Solid Straw Light Brown to Deep Brown

The product will be very much cost effective and will help in achieving superior quality results. 


  • It is used in One time Carbon Paper as well as quality Carbon Paper
  • It’s Used in Rubber Industries including Tyres and  Rubber Hawai Chappals
  • It’s used in cosmetic and medical products.
  • It’s used in fruit and vegetables to keep them fresh, in packing food and
    in chewing gum as food additive.
  • It’s used in shoe polish, floor and furniture, car, equipment, and so on
    as glazing wax and leather retouch material.
  • It’s used in production higher printing ink, carbon paper ink, typing
    wax paper, flint-coated paper, etc as paper retouch material and
    paper products additive.
  • It’s used in production oil and emulsion for production fiber to
    improve it’s softness, slides and shine of fiber products